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Excellent customer service

I visited your Hanover location on May 20th for title transfer, tags, and registration to be done only to find out I grabbed the wrong insurance card which was expired. Pam was very patient with us while trying email her the correct insurance card and even helped us contact the insurance company to have one faxed to the office. Pam went above and beyond what was necessary to help me out. I appreciate the excellent service Pam provided. I will definitely recommend you to all my friends.

Amy M East Berlin Hanover June 19, 2017

Very Helpful Service

Our representative was Kathy and she was very professional, courteous, and helpful. She was also very knowledgeable about the services we required. She is an asset to Runkles and I always come to Runkles instead of going anywhere else because of the fast, polite, and experienced staff. Keep up the excellent work! Thank you.

Shon Thomas Gettysburg Hanover January 26, 2017

Quick and Painless

I've dealt with Runkle's for years and they've always been great to deal with (unlike going into DMV where it's frustrating to say the least).
I did a fairly complex motorcycle deal recently and it was just a piece of cake for them.

Steve Ford Stewarstown Red Lion January 26, 2017


I dealt with Christina from the Hanover office. I did some preliminary investigation prior to my recent transfer of vehicle title. She was extremely responsive and willing to make my transaction go smoothly and please the customer. My requests were probably not normal for many of your customers but Christine rose to the top and made my visit ABSOLUTELY perfect. Thank you Christine and ALL of the people that made it possible.

James H Bailey Partial Business Owner in Harrisburg Hanover January 26, 2017

Friendly, helpful and knowledgeable

Kathy and the entire staff were very helpful. They got my registration taken care of. They also answered every one of my many questions, for a vehicle I will be purchasing soon. Thank you.

JEREMY Sales Distributor Hanover January 26, 2017

Brenda was very helpful

Brenda was very helpful with my brother-in-law getting insurance

Marlynn Blubaugh Hanover Hanover September 1, 2016

Great job! Always very efficient!

I had to visit to get a duplicate title to a vehicle I was trading in. When I ran into some problems Lisa Getz was able to point me in the right direction and help me get done what I needed. She went above and beyond!!!! Always a very pleasant experience going!!

Kiem York Roosevelt September 1, 2016

I had a great experience

I recently visited your Hanover location and Kim went above and beyond what was necessary to help me out. I will definitely recommend you to all my friends

Terry Rodgers Production scheduler Hanover PA Hanover September 1, 2016

Chiffon helped me with a very stressful situation!

My situation was a real headache, and Chiffon at Runkle's really went the extra mile to help me resolve the whole issue! She made many calls for me and stayed in touch with me through out the whole time. I was very impressed with the excellent service I received.

Sasha Nash CNA York July 14, 2016

Good customer service for PA residents

Good service and easy completion of work to be done

Vann York July 14, 2016

Nataly did a great job with my truck transactions

I went into Runkle’s today to do a couple transactions for my truck and Nataly did a great job. She helped me with all 3 of my transactions.

Hanover June 1, 2016

Recommend Runkle’s as they handle all kinds of unique car situations and Karla never steered us wrong

Karla is the best. We have numerous cars with all kinds of unique situations and she is like the “Shell” answer man. She always has an answer and has never steered us wrong. Karla is definitely better than going to Harrisburg. I cannot recommend Runkle’s and Karla enough.

Hanover June 1, 2016

Very fast service with trailer title and transfer and Kathy was awesome!

Kathy was just awesome. Had to get a trailer title and transfer done. I was in and out in about 20 minutes. Very fast service and a pleasure to deal with.

Hanover June 1, 2016

Very Friendly and knowledgeable

Heather was great! Very friendly and knowledgeable.

Hanover June 1, 2016

Patient through somewhat complicated title transfer process

Colton was very helpful and assisted us very patiently through a somewhat complicated title transfer process.  I would definitely go to Runkle’s again for notary needs in the future.

York June 1, 2016

Excelente servicio muy agradecido con Carilyn

“Excelente servicio muy agradecido con Carilyn” (Excellent service. Very grateful for Carilyn!)

York June 1, 2016

Patient and friendly service for notary, tag and title work and 6 different transactions!

Charmay started out just helping my husband with a notarization which was quick and easy for her. But, ended up handling 6 different transactions for us unexpectedly. She was quick, efficient and above all friendly and patient. She took care of all of our tag, title, notary and faxing needs with a great attitude and was a pleasure to work with. Thanks Charmay!!! You made it easy for us today!

York June 1, 2016

Runkle’s exceeded my expectations with titles and complex information! I’ll come back as your team is awesome!

Another great employee!  This was my second experience in a week at Runkle’s and again you have exceeded my expectations! I had called first thing on Thursday to get information regarding trailer registrations for my business. The gal on the phone gave me all the info I needed and even checked with a supervisor to ensure that the utility bill I needed to prove our business was registered in PA was valid. (I’m sorry I didn’t catch her name but she was very pleasant, informative and ready to help me at 9:00 AM) I came in and met with Charlene. This was a very tedious task for her as we had three titles for the business that needed registered in PA and one mistakenly had our Delaware business name on the title. She checked with her supervisor (who was incredibly helpful too) and processed all the paperwork like a pro! Honestly she went step by step on each transaction and made sure things were accurate and that I understood what she was doing. I can’t say enough about her patience and diligence. If I could have left her a tip, I would have, she was fab! I’m not sure what you are doing with your employees at your workplace, but they certainly have been trained in excellent customer service!!! Both my experiences this week have made me sit down and take time to commend your team. Please recognize Charlene for her excellence! It’s a pleasure to deal with a person who knows what they are doing, when I haven’t a clue on any of this. It’s all new to me and she took care of everything smoothly. Thanks so much again and I’ll keep coming back as your team is awesome!

Suzanne W. Protechs Enterprises LLC York June 1, 2016

Happy, helpful and comfortable place to get tags renewed!

Today I needed my tags renewed. Off to Hanover Runkle’s I went. What a pleasure it was to have Lenora wait on me. She was happy and very helpful. The place was very comfortable and just nice when everyone meets you with a smile. I’ll be back.

Carolyn H. Hanover June 1, 2016

Charmay provided excellent service

Charmay gave me excellent service when I was in the York office. Very nice, patient and answered all of my questions.

Latoya M. York June 1, 2016

Helpful and kind with my last name change

Heather at the York Runkle’s was awesome at her service today.  She was very helpful and kind with my last name change. Best service I’ve had in a long time.

Nichole G. York June 1, 2016

Great job helping my mother and I transfer titles

Lenora and Christina did a great job helping my mother and I transfer titles. The titles were in my deceased father’s name and had to be transferred to me. Everything went smoothly and they made it easier by working together. We had five titles to transfer with two of them needing tags. Very professional, helpful, and pleasant!

Tommy M. Hanover June 1, 2016

Helpful with getting my son’s tags restored!

Nathaly at Runkle’s in Hanover was the best. I needed to get my son’s tags restored and she was very helpful. All the ladies were working hard even though it was at the end of the day on a Friday night. Thanks so much Nathaly.

Karen K. B Hanover June 1, 2016

Kathy C. was outstanding and went beyond

Kathy went well beyond the expected service in helping me with documentation of a previous transaction. Her help made my task much easier. Thank you Kathy!

R.E.M. Professional in Hanover, PA Hanover, PA June 1, 2016

Jane was helpful, prompt, and easy to work with

Jane was helpful, prompt, and easy to work with.

Harvey Reiver York Hanover June 1, 2016

Great experience

Heather was awesome! Sweet and knowledgeable..made out so easy and quick for us to change titles and tags for 2 cars! She was in training but you'd never know it!

Karla McSherrystown Hanover June 1, 2016

Amazing customer service

The women Diana was AMAZING, she was very nice and social! Helped us with everything very quickly.. I would recommend going to the Red Lion location!! Greatest experience I had at Runkles!!

Katie Red Lion Red Lion, PA June 1, 2016

Feel like I need to purchase another car so that I have a reason to come back! Lenora is phenomenal!

Lenora was phenomenal! If you’re looking for the only CSR with a comfy seat and fun conversation make sure she is the one helping you! I had a great experience here. Lenora was fast and efficient. You hardly notice time passing with her endless supply of lollipops that she has to offer. I now oddly feel like I need to purchase another car so that I have a reason to come back.

Joshua M Hanover April 1, 2016

Over and above service provided by Colton on my car transfer from MD to PA

Went to Runkle’s today to transfer my car from MD to PA. Excellent over and above service provided by Colton. Thank you very much!

Sandi Fast York April 1, 2016

Heather was fantastic during our visit to buy tags and transfer title on a vehicle purchase

We visited Runkle’s in York this past week to buy tags and purchase a vehicle from a family member. Heather was fantastic! She was very nice, and made sure that we filled out the documents correctly. My Aunt is the POA of the person we were purchasing the vehicle from and Heather took extra care to make sure that all of the papers were in order. We later found out that she is in training, but didn’t even notice at first because of how efficient she was. We also appreciated the young lady who was training Heather. The atmosphere at Runkle’s is great and the next time I need a notary, I will be sure to come here. Thank you Runkle’s team.

Lynette McCarl York April 1, 2016

Emma took extra time with my papers and staff welcomes you with a smile every time

I came in a minute before they closed and Emma took the time to stay an extra 20 minutes to finish my papers. She was very nice and was very helpful. I love coming here. Staff welcomes you with a smile every time. Thank you Emma!

Peter Bottros York April 1, 2016

Helpful with my truck tags! The ladies in Hanover are the best!

Christina was the best. I came in last minute on a Friday to get tags on my truck and she helped me along with the other customers.  All three girls in the office were nice and helpful. Even though I kept them past the closing time, they didn’t make me feel any different.  Thanks ladies. And those girls in Hanover are the best.  Anyway, great place! Love going there.

John Hastings Hanover April 1, 2016

Helpful with messy out of state to PA vehicle move

Colton did a fantastic job navigating a messy vehicle move from out of state to PA. Most helpful of the whole painful process.

Jay Ray WillyMo York March 16, 2016

Title transfer with a twist

Christina was great. We had a form filled out incorrect and she went the extra mile to get it done.
Always a good service and with a smile.
Great job.

Darryl Johnson York Springs Pa. Hanover March 16, 2016


Karla and all the girls are the best. Have tried PENN-DOT and will never go back. Karla is SOOOOOO much better than dealing with that. Thank goodness for Karla and Runkles

Jim Harris Operations Manager Hanover March 16, 2016

Great Service

I just moved to PA and had to get my motorcycle registered. Kathy in the Hanover office was great! She was friendly, courteous and helpful. Thank you!

Glen Hanover Hanover March 16, 2016

Pam the problem solver

I buy old cars, many have confusing and old titles. I used AAA and there where always issues they did not know how to follow thru on. I went to Runkles Pam there knows how to get the job done.

Kelly Hanover Hanover March 16, 2016

Awesome Customer Service

Very thankful of Katie and Pam for helping me and my daughter get our renewal registration completed. Some unknown reason Penn Dot had us locked out. Thanks so much for all your help and all with a smile.

Tom Wisotzkey Gettysburg Hanover, Pa. March 16, 2016

Excellent, fast and efficient visit!

Had an excellent, fast and efficient visit with Colton. All my needs were met with a more than satisfactory fashion! I rarely visit a notary without having some sort of technical issue, but this was a first! My thanks!

Douglas McCoy March 1, 2016

Quick and efficient Tag & Title Transfer

Pam was extremely helpful in helping in a title/tags transfer this January. She was quick & efficient - a refreshing change compared to some other notary services! Thanks!

Gregg Keckler March 1, 2016

Made the process of getting tags and registration in PA a breeze

Karla at Runklc's in hanover PA was a pleasure to work with. She was very knowledgeable and helpful. She made the process of getting tags and registration in PA a breeze! I would definitely recommend working with her at Runkle's in Hanover, PA.

Cindy C. March 1, 2016

Lenora did an amazing job

Lenora did an amazing job. Very nice and great to work with

Shaun Harpine March 1, 2016

My go-to place when I have questions about PennDOT rules and regulations

Runkle's is AMAZING!!! For our company they are able to handle our apportion account, renewals and anything else I need related to tags and titles. They are very knowledgeable, courteous and efficient. They are my go-to place when I have any questions in regards PennDOT rules and regulations. They make my visits so easy and pleasant. The staff Is wonderful 🙂

Crystal Pogones March 1, 2016

Emma was the consummate customer service expert

I recently moved to PA and eventually I had to get a local license and tags. I was directed to Runkle's by my sister and went. From the moment she called me to the counter. when she walked outside to verify the VIN and until she finished up. Emma was the consummate customer service expert. She was friendly, knowledgeable. patient and professional. The process was so smooth. I will recommend Runkle's to anyone I can and tell them to see Emma.

Dan W. Enola, PA March 1, 2016

Lenora was a great help with everything I needed thanks

Always have a good experience in hanover runkles everyone in there is really nice

David line worker Hanover March 1, 2016

Appreciate the help with transferring title

I just wanted to note my appreciation for Christina’s help in transferring my title and paying the sales taxes on my new car. She was very nice.

Paige Wingert February 17, 2016

Runkle’s Notary is a great place to go!

Christina was very helpful with transferring our tags from one truck to another and renewing them. Great customer service!

James Fowler Spring Grove High Street Hanover PA 17331 February 17, 2016

Excellent job at providing services

Mr. Colton Knott did an excellent job at providing services as needed.

Grayson Stuber Hanover Runkle's January 5, 2016

Made a complex transfer easy!

Hello - I came to Runkle's in order to transfer a car to our granddaughter. As I live in Maryland, I had no idea as to the complexities of PA law. This was a gift, adding another wrinkle. Katie was the consumate professional. She guided us through the process, explaining each step of the way. Katie made a complex task easy to understand and we were quickly on our way. Thanks Katie.

Louis Hogan Hanover January 5, 2016

No Problem Transfer

I would like to say that Christinia did a great job. She not only was very knowledgeable about what she was doing, but she also handled a problem without much ado. So I hope to be using your service again real soon. My only hope is that I will be lucky enough to get Christinia again.

Kevin Murphy Abbottstown Hanover January 5, 2016

Great job! Very patient and kind!

Great job Nathaly! Thanks you for your patience and kindness! Very helpful!

Walter Fuentes mechanic High Street November 20, 2015

Happily navigated a complicated title transfer

Christina navigated my sister and me through a rather complicated title transfer. She was very helpful and had a smile on her face the entire time. I would recommend Runkle’s as the place to go!

Paula Downing November 4, 2015

Helpful with my out of state vehicle

Lenore, Pam and Maria were all very helpful with assisting me with my license/title/register of my out of state vehicle.

Victoria MK November 4, 2015

A pleasure to work with!

Thank you to Christina at the Hanover office.  She was a pleasure to work with.  She was quick and was super friendly.  She answered all of our questions.  Wanted to give her a shout out!!  She deserves a raise!!

Kara Smith August 7, 2015

Nice people at the Hanover Runkle’s

I love Runkle’s Notary & Insurance in Hanover, PA.  Good people.  They’re really nice and helpful.  I was waited on by this nice lady, Pam.  She is so nice and sweet.

Brian Kelly August 7, 2015

Smooth Motorcycle Insurance Service

Bought a custom chopper motorcycle titled as “special construction”, which apparently triggers all kinds of title considerations and insurance issues.  Lenora was very friendly, knowledgeable, and patient.  And the friendly smile was much appreciated after a very challenging day.  THANK YOU Lenora!

James Shriner August 7, 2015

Large Time Saver

Just wanted the management to know that they have a star employee in Diana Jacobs. She took care of a multiple pile of papers and I walked out with tags & registration.

Brian Manns Red Lion Red Lion: Diana Jacobs August 7, 2015

Great experience

Ricki & Cristina did a great job transferring ownership and title of a classic vehicle. It was Ricki's first one and Christina helped, it went great.

Raymond Scanland | Review of Runkle's Hanover Office April 27, 2015

Went beyond call of duty

Jean Miller went way beyond her services helping me get car & home insurances. I would recommend her to anyone looking for help, thanks Jean

Kevin B. York Haven | Review of Runkle's York Office April 3, 2015

Helpful with transfer of out-of-state trailer plates

Nathaly was very helpful with the transfer of our out of state trailer plates. I highly recommend this notary service!

Brenda Roudybush Cessna | Review of Runkle's Hanover Office April 3, 2015

Was kind and gave step by step directions

Colton was wonderful! He helped me out when I knew nothing of what I needed to do. He was kind and gave me step by step directions. He remembered everything when my boyfriend came back in and helped him just as well. Thank you Colton! We will do all our business here from now on!

Abbie Crone | Review of Runkle's Hanover Office April 3, 2015

Really helpful with my title transfer

Colton was really helpful with my title transfer today and made it quick and enjoyable. You definitely have a good employee. Thank you. I will definitely be back for notary or registration when needed.

Anthony Kessler | Review of Runkle's Hanover Office April 3, 2015

Pleasant Experience

Came in Saturday March 21. It was very busy, and all the staff was moving fast to get everyone through. Colton took care of replacing my sticker and registration, and as always here, made it as pleasant an experience as can be expected ;). Keep up the good work!

Chris Moeller | Review of Runkle's Hanover Office April 3, 2015

Great Service!!

Angeline was informative and very professional!!!

Bob, Mechanic | Review of Runkle's Hanover Office April 3, 2015

Welcomed with honesty and care

Runkle's of Red Lion was great to work with. Their team works well together to get the job done and with a smile. Diana Jacobs I thank you for your speed , experience and allowing both Brad & I to entertain you while we waited for title & tags transfer of my newly owned 2002 Saturn. Thank you again Diana and the team @ Runkle's, its nice to feel welcomed with honesty and care. Sincerely, Vince Why.

Vincent Why, Photographer | Review of Runkle's Red Lion Office April 3, 2015

Helpful employee!

I recently required help finishing insurance documentation as well as securing a vanity plate for my car. Colton Knott helped me complete the process. He was very helpful, personable, and professional! I was very impressed with the maturity of a young worker! Thanks, Runkles, for your terrific help!

Kathy LaLota, Hanover, PA | Review of Runkle's Hanover Office March 23, 2015

Superb Apportion Registration Pros!

Runkle's are Apportioned Registration professionals. It's always top notch service!

Eric at Honey Locust, Controller | Review of Runkle's Hanover Office March 9, 2015

The best customer service

Was the best customer service I have ever had. Lenora covington went above and beyond her service. I can not thank her enough for what she did. She was very welcoming. Thank you.

Rainey Rucker, Bartender in Hanover | Review of Runkle's Hanover Office March 9, 2015

Happy her dad was informed about his discounts as a senior citizen

Virginia Kielb of the Red Lion office was the person who helped my dad this morning and helped him with making him aware of his discount on his car registration because he is a senior citizen. He was very happy with the service he received this morning. Thank you!

Brad Knight | Review of Runkle's Red Lion Office February 25, 2015

Helped me every step of the way so our licenses & registrations would not be suspended

I switched insurance companies & PennDOT wanted to see that there was no lapse in coverage. I sent it in multiple times & it was showing as cleared on one screen and still outstanding on another PennDOT screen. This went on for 3 weeks, but Rikki at the York Office helped me every step of the way so our licenses & registrations would not be suspended. Ricki and (oh, I forget the other lady's name) were so helpful. They are not about the money, will never leave you hanging, and they go above and beyond to help people. No need to go anywhere else - they are the best. Thank you, Ricki and team!

Dan Hansen | Review of Runkle's York Office February 25, 2015

Went several extra miles to help me

Chiffon at the York Office helped me on Saturday, Monday, and today. She was pleasant, efficient, and went several extra miles to help me obtain my camera card. No matter what obstacles we encountered, she navigated them with courtesy and respect. Also a big shout out to Charmay who also assisted me today by faxing documents and calling PennDOT. Thanks to both of you for being so kind- you rock!!

Kathy Wingerd, York, PA | Review of Runkle's York Office February 25, 2015

Friendly, Helpful and Entertaining!

I love the girls and one guy at Hanover Runkles! They are friendly helpful and entertaining at times. They have a difficult job that they do well.

Carl Hall | Review of Runkle's Hanover Office February 25, 2015

Very Knowledgeable and Efficient

My wife and I were in the Hanover location on Feb. 4 in the afternoon to transfer a certificate of origin on a new camper.  Pam waited on us and she was very knowledgeable and efficient. We all ended up in a conversation about Valentine's Day and had quite a good laugh.  Pam also let me borrow her reading glasses because I forgot mine.  In all seriousness Pam was awesome and handled the transaction well while making it fun too. Thanks Runkles and Pam!!

Tim Hippensteel, Spring Grove, PA | Review of Runkle's Hanover Office February 25, 2015

Excellent customer service

I called down with a general question about purchasing a trailer of of state. I spoke with Rikki on the phone who was full of knowledge and pleasant and a very likable bubbly personality ! When I arrived to the Hanover location to take care of the transfer and tags, I was greeted by Christina who was extremely helpful and pleasant despite her having to go out side in record freezing temperatures to verify the vin #.( sorry Christina) I noticed a sign at Christinas booth that she was still in training, but one would have never known if the sign didn't give it away. Excellent customer service on Rikki and Christinas part!!

Jason Gettysburg, PA | Review of Runkle's Hanover Office February 25, 2015

I Highly Recommend Your Service!

I’ve used your services several times and I would highly recommend it.  Recently I have dealt with Cindy, Charlene and Chiffon (York Office) and they were all very professional and helpful. Very nice staff!

J. Sutton York, PA | Review of Runkle's York Office September 12, 2014

I Received Highly Professional Service!

I just wanted to take a moment and compliment the highly professional service I received from two of your reps (Vicky and Jessica) in the Hanover office. My wallet, with all of my identification, including my driver's license, was stolen 10 days ago.

So I remembered hearing your ads on the York radio station, but I had thought you only had offices in the York and Red Lion areas. When I learned you had a Hanover office, I rushed out there that afternoon and your two associates could not have been more helpful.

They helped me with other forms of identification and while I realize it may be rather routine, they took an incredibly frustrating situation and rectified it in a matter of minutes. I realize that I'll utilize your office only for the occasional car purchase, title transfer, etc. however, the service from your office was greatly appreciated!!

Scott M. Hanover, PA | Review of Runkle's Hanover Office September 11, 2014

Polite and Knowledgeable Staff

I have always found the staff to be personable, polite and knowledgeable.  I enjoy the atmosphere and friendliness extended to customers.  It is truly a joy doing my business with Runkle’s.

Gary Red Lion, PA | Review of Runkle's Red Lion Office July 18, 2014

Don’t Change a Thing

I would say….don’t change a thing! Personnel are very knowledgeable.

Bill Hanover, PA | Review of Runkle's Hanover Office July 18, 2014

Helpful to New Residents of PA

We were new residents of the state of Pennsylvania, and the employees at Runkle’s were helpful in explaining the title process in Pennsylvania. We appreciated the assistance!

Derek Hanover, PA | Review of Runkle's Hanover Office July 18, 2014

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